The Battle For Legalization Hits Snags On The Web

It is difficult enough to combat the stigma of marijuana consumption, but when information is stillborn people can’t learn.

Jason Kincaid reports in his article ‘Reddit And Conde Nast Spar Over Ads Promoting Legalization Of Marijuana‘ from

“Later this year, California residents will be voting on Proposition 19, a measure that would legalize marijuana in the state. And, given how much controversy revolves around the issue (think of the children!), we’re bound to see plenty of ads in the run-up to the November 2 election. Thing is, you won’t be seeing ads in favor of legalization on some of the web’s most popular sites, because their parent companies are afraid of being associated with a pro-marijuana stance.

“The issue has come to a head over at Reddit, which reported to its users earlier today that its parent company Condé Nast would not allow it to accept paid ads in support of Prop. 19.

“Redditors predictably rebelled. . . And now, in a daring move, Reddit is fighting back too: it’s announced that it will begin running ads supporting Proposition 19, free of charge. Condé Nast was afraid of taking money in support of Prop. 19, so Reddit is making sure that doesn’t happen.

“This isn’t the first time pro-marijuana ads have had issues with a popular social site. Earlier. The Huffington Post reported that Facebook was barring ads. . . for Just Say Now, an organization that’s in favor of broader legalization than just Prop 19.”

We applaud the efforts of Reddit and urge Californians to vote ‘Yes’ on Prop 19 this November.  It’s the United States’ best hope yet.

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