Marijuana: Health Benefits Beyond the High

The effects of marijuana can be pleasant and mild, especially compared with other drugs such as alcohol, but did you know that inhaling marijuana without getting high still eases pain and improves well-being?

Sharon Kirkey writes in her article ‘Pot Lowers Chronic Pain Even Without The High: Study‘ from

“Briefly inhaling cannabis three times a day eases a kind of chronic pain that affects tens of thousands of Canadians — without making them high — Montreal researchers are reporting.

“The new study, the first clinical trial in the world to allow patients to take marijuana home with them and “self-dose,” found that for people with neuropathic pain — a common and dreaded condition that causes electric, stabbing pain — smoking cannabis reduced pain, improved mood and helped them sleep.

“Three different potencies (2.5 per cent, six per cent and 9.4 per cent) of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, were tested against a placebo. . .
“Participants inhaled a single dose through a pipe three times daily for five days, followed by a nine-day “washout” period. . .

“Patients reported less pain, better sleep and less anxiety when they were smoking the highest concentration of THC, compared with the placebo.

“The patients that we were recruiting had to be patients that had tried and failed all other conventional treatments,” said lead author Dr. Mark Ware, director of clinical research at the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit at the McGill University Health Centre.

“As many as 15 per cent of patients with chronic non-cancer pain and multiple sclerosis report using marijuana, and Ware said that when he asked his own pain patients, similar numbers reported using marijuana. “There clearly was an unmet need.”

“We’re not going to argue that smoked cannabis is the be-all and end-all of pain management,” Ware said. . .

“During the study, “psychoactive effects” were rare: After more than 1,000 different “administrations” of cannabis over the course of the study, people reported feeling “high” on only three occasions.”

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Medical Benefits of Marijuana

  • Relieves chronic pain from a variety of causes and reduces the need for addictive narcotic pain killers.
  • Increases appetite, relieves nausea and vomiting, reduces pain and helps patients sleep while undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Improves appetite, may reduce pain and helps HIV patients sleep.
  • May reduce brain and lung tumors and slow the growth of cancer, may stop breast cancer from spreading throughout the body.