Black Bears Found Guarding Marijuana Crops

This is pretty funny. Illegal marijuana growers near Christina Lake in BC were using a whole team of wild animals including black bears, raccoons and pigs as low-cost guards for their plantation.

Unfortunately for the growers, their guards didn’t take the job very seriously, and the raccoon apparently even tried to climb up one officer’s leg.

Initial fears the animals might be dangerous, were quickly dismissed after officers realised the friendly beasts were used to human contact and content to just laze around.

The fully-grown and well-fed bears were so lax at guard duties that officers managed to pose for pictures within a few feet of the tame animals.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police confiscated more than $CAD 1 million (£619,000) worth of marijuana plants growing in the thick brush.

Officials believe the growers, who have not been named, used dog food to lure the animals onto the remote property to deter marijuana thieves.

“They were tame, they just sat around watching … at one point one of the bears climbed onto the hood of a police car, sat there for a bit and then jumped off,” Sergeant Fred Mansveld said on Thursday.

“They weren’t aggressive. But it soon became apparent they were habituated to the (drugs) operation.”

“The pig was a little frantic at the sight of police, but the raccoon was pretty laid back about the bust and took it all in stride.”

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