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California City Approves Pot Factories

California city approves pot factories [1]
from www.monsterandcritics.com [1].

San Francisco – The California city of Oakland, just east of San Francisco, has approved the establishment of four massive marijuana cultivation facilities ahead of a statewide vote in November on whether to legalize the popular drug.

The controversial plan, which makes Oakland the first in the nation to license wholesale marijuana cultivation, was passed by the city council late Tuesday night on a 5-2 vote.

They would also have to post at least 3 million dollars in liability insurance and pay tax on all their sales.

Agramed, a firm which pushed for the measure, plans to set up an operation the size of two football fields in empty industrial buildings using artificial lights. It estimates that it would hire almost 400 workers and pay at least 1.5 million dollars a year in taxes as it produces over 26 kilogrammes of high grade pot every day.

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