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More and more doctors in Canada (and worldwide) are beginning to realize the benefits of medical marijuana in the treatment of a number of conditions. Severe pain, nausea and other symptoms can be controlled with fewer side effects and without causing addiction, in contrast to opiates and other pharmaceutical pain killers.

Since the Medical Marijuana Access Division provides the ONLY legal program for patients to acquire medical marijuana, VIMM would like to encourage doctors to give serious consideration to supporting patients applying for authorization to possess medical marijuana. While Compassion Clubs provide an easier alternative to applying for an MMAR license, it’s still possible for patients buying medicinal marijuana from Compassion Clubs to be arrested for possession of an illegal drug.

It’s important for all doctors to stay informed about the possible therapeutic uses of marijuana to ensure that all patients have access to the widest range of treatments possible. A common complaint among patients seeking access to medical marijuana is that they cannot find a doctor to help them complete their application. For a comprehensive information about marijuana for health professionals, refer to Health Canada’s Guide.

How to Help?

If you are a doctor who is ready to prescribe marijuana to a patient, you will need to determine the size of their prescription. You can refer to Health Canada’s Daily Amount Fact Sheet to assist in that effort. Your patient may have also already used marijuana for therapeutic purposes and have a good idea about their prescription requirements.

You can guide your patient through the MMAR application process with the help of Health Canada’s Applicant’s Guide. To assist your patient in their application, you will also need to help them fill out either Form B1 or Form B2 depending on what category their condition fits into, as well as sign the back of their two passport photos to verify their identity.

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Form B1 Medical Practitioner’s Form for Category 1 Applicants HTML PDF Version – 67 K
Form B2 Medical Practitioner’s Form for Category 2 Applicants HTML PDF Version – 66 K

If you feel strongly about helping patients become authorized to use medical marijuana, please feel free to contact us or leave your feedback on this website.

For more information on how to apply for an MMAR number plus a complete list of Health Canada MMAR application forms, visit our “Get Help” section.

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Medical Benefits of Marijuana

  • Relieves chronic pain from a variety of causes and reduces the need for addictive narcotic pain killers.
  • Increases appetite, relieves nausea and vomiting, reduces pain and helps patients sleep while undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Improves appetite, may reduce pain and helps HIV patients sleep.
  • May reduce brain and lung tumors and slow the growth of cancer, may stop breast cancer from spreading throughout the body.