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Common Conditions Treated with Marijuana

Canadian law describes a state of disease for which medical marijuana can be prescribed that applies to a lot of symptoms that are common to many different conditions.

Health Canada’s Site [1] gives these catagories:

Category 1:
This category is comprised of any symptoms treated within the context of providing compassionate end-of-life care; or the symptoms associated with the specified medical conditions listed in the schedule to the Regulations, namely:

Applicants must provide a declaration from a medical practitioner to support their application.

Category 2:
This category is for applicants who have debilitating symptom(s) of medical condition(s), other than those described in Category 1.

Under Category 2, persons with debilitating symptoms can apply to obtain an Authorization to Possess dried marijuana for medical purposes, if a specialist confirms the diagnosis and that conventional treatments have failed or judged inappropriate to relieve symptoms of the medical condition. While an assessment of the applicant’s case by a specialist is required, the treating physician, whether or not a specialist, can sign the medical declaration.