How do I get an ACMPR number?

On the 24th of August 2016, Health Canada enacted the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) program. This allows Canadians to legally grow their own or obtain Medical Cannabis after fulfilling the Health Canada requirements. On October 17th, 2018, this program has been rolled into the Cannabis Act.

To read an overview of the ACMPR program, click here.

An individual may apply to obtain Cannabis from a licensed producer, or grow their own.

Here at CannMD, we are focused on assisting those looking to grow their own Cannabis for medical purposes. If you are interested in obtaining product from a licensed producer, the application process is virtually identical.

The steps to obtaining a growing (production) license are as follows:

  1. Understand the process. There is an overview guide here that everyone seeking their licence should read.
  2. Ensure you meet Health Canada’s requirements for possessing, storing, and producing Cannabis. If you do not meet these requirements, it is unlikely we will be able to obtain a licence on your behalf.
  3. Determine how much you need to grow, based on your daily usage. This may vary greatly based on your method of consumption, eg. dried product, creams, oils, etc., and how you use them. A calculator can be found here, but if you are unsure about this we would be happy to consult with you before proceeding, as a Doctor will not approve a quantity they do not believe you actually need.
  4. Begin preparation of your registration application form. This is required by all applicants, regardless of whether you are applying for the first time or renewing your existing license.
  5. If the site you intend to grow Cannabis is not your usual place of residence and/or you do not own the property, you are also required to complete the section, “Annex A” of the application. If you rent or lease your property, you will need signed permission from the owner.
  6. A signed medical document is required. At VIMM, we connect you with a team of of Medical Doctors and specialists, and aim to deliver this document to you within 24hrs of your application, assuming your consultation is successfully completed. See our pricing and pay for your consulting package here.
  7. Gather your documents together: The registration application, signed permission from your site property owner (if applicable), and medical document from CannMD. Send them together to:

How Long Does it Take?

Having completed all forms and assembled all other necessary documents, photos, etc., you send your application to:

Marihuana Medical Access Division
Drug Strategy and Controlled Substances Programme
AL: 3503B
Ottawa ON K1A 1B9

Health Canada will reply within 10 days of receiving your application with any immediate issues such as missing forms or information. The application can take up to 10 weeks to be processed depending on the urgency of the applicant’s condition and how complete and thorough the application materials are.

You will be notified in writing if/when your application has been approved.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the application process, feel free to contact us. You can also apply with VIMM at any time, before or after you complete your ACMPR application, and we will guide you through the rest of the process if necessary, in addition to finding you a designated grower.

Van Isle Medical Marijuana

Medical Benefits of Marijuana

  • Relieves chronic pain from a variety of causes and reduces the need for addictive narcotic pain killers.
  • Increases appetite, relieves nausea and vomiting, reduces pain and helps patients sleep while undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Improves appetite, may reduce pain and helps HIV patients sleep.
  • May reduce brain and lung tumors and slow the growth of cancer, may stop breast cancer from spreading throughout the body.