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About VIMM

VIMM believes that everyone should have the ability to access affordable medicine. We also believe in educating people about the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of marijuana.

Creating mutually beneficial solutions
one relationship at a time

VIMM is dedicated to helping patients connect with designated, professional growers of medical grade marijuana to provide them with the right strains and dosage of their legal medicine. We carefully screen all of our growers and can vouch for their reliability and security.

We work with patients to determine what type(s) of medical marijuana are most effective in treating their symptoms, and how much they will need on a daily basis. We also guide patients through the process of becoming authorized by Health Canada to use medical marijuana.

Eligible patients can find all the information and links to Health Canada forms [1] they need to apply for a license [1] to use medical marijuana. By applying with VIMM [2] also, patients can designate a licensed grower to supply them with medical marijuana as part of their MMAR application process.

Besides these core services, the VIMM website also contains a wealth of general information for patients and health professionals interested in learning more about medicinal marijuana, its therapeutic benefits and its history.

If you are considering asking your doctor about medical marijuana, have a look at our checklist and talking tips [3].

If you are a doctor or health professional interested in helping a patient become authorized by Health Canada to use medical marijuana, please see our page on helping patients apply [4].

If you are concerned about the security of your personal information, please view our privacy policy [5]. Feel free to contact us [6] with any questions or comments, and you can also leave your comments [7] on this website.